Q. Why are we not listed in big retailers?

A. A few years ago we listed with the head office of one of the largest chains in Africa but at the time we didn’t pursue it because our process didn’t allow us to make the volumes needed to supply them.

It’s been an incredibly difficult, expensive and taxing process to get the water to the quality and volume we are able to manufacture today. Today we are able to produce at least 3600 liters an hour.

Today we make water to the second highest food safety standard worldwide, ISO 22000. Most bottled water companies don’t have anything close to this.

When you take the quality of the product, the incredible taste and the huge benefits our customers get by consuming our water it’s why we feel we have the best water in South Africa.

But our business has evolved past just making amazing water. It’s now about caring, developing and empowering our country.

We launched the Waterpreneur program so that regular people can get a way to pay their bills, look after their families and live the good life.

10000 people over the next 3-5 years earning R9600 a month. That’s the mission.

We have had Waterpreneurs that have sold 12 cases and made R1152 in one day during winter. Do that every day and it’s R34560 a month.

How would an extra R1152 a day change your life?

Can you imagine the ripple effect across South Africa and what a difference it will make to you, your family and community.

Everyone deserves health, wealth love and happiness.

And if everyone does their best, and lives to their highest version of themselves we can turn South Africa into the greatest country to live in for everyone.

But it needs leaders, financial education, business education, reducing poverty, creating jobs and supporting each other by working together for the benefit of all.

On our own we are insignificant, together we are unstoppable.

Kind Regards,
John Thompson
CEO and Founder, Designer Water

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