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Waterpreneurs Is Empowering South Africa With Water – Fire Your Boss

How To Fire Your Boss, Become Your Own Boss, Without Worrying About Making Enough Money

We Are Going To Help Employees Fire Their Boss, Become Their Own Boss And Take Back Control Of Their Time So That They Can Do What They Love When They Want To Without Worrying About How They Are Going To Pay For It


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Why You Should Join The Waterpreneurs Movement!

Waterpreneurs was started to create more South African Entrepreneurs and to empower South Africans to get economic freedom.

Our goal is to show existing South African business owners or start-ups how to be more successful and to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs to build and manage a business.

The biggest challenge most business owners face today is that they don’t know how to market, sell, or  build their relationships and network.

We are going to “Uberize” the South African water industry and in the process give back to local communities and help South Africans live healthier lives.

Become a part of Waterpreneurs, you don’t have to do it alone, we can do it together.

Learn More About Waterpreneurs

When you looking at becoming one of our partners its up to me to make sure that I give you all the possible information that you need to see how incredible this opportunity is. 

Right now we want to bring 100 people into our inner circle and I am hoping that one of them is going to be you. 

So what makes us different? 

Well.. Before we tell you WHY Designer Water, I think it’s important to look at the water landscape in South Africa right now. 

Here are the numbers

  1. It looks like the South African bottled water industry is at least 1.8 billion bottles of water a year. I say at least because it doesn’t seem like anyone knows the exact figure, but this is the closest guess that people way smarter than me have come up with. That means that the potential market is between 10.8 and 14.4 billion rand
  2. Bottled water makes up 30% of total beverage sales
  3. It is the fastest growing beverage globally
  4. It is the biggest growth item in some of the top retail stores

PS. This is only bottled water, not refills, water treatment or machine sales

Why does that matter? Well… It means that if we are creative, innovative and we work our tails off maybe we could capture 5% of that market which is a substantial 500 million rand. If we are 100 motivated entrepreneurs working together that could be R5 million each. And up to 50% of that could be yours. That’s possibly R2.5 million.

Not everyone is going to make it. But some of you may! And I will be there working with you to make it happen. 

Now I know, you may think that this is a bit optimistic but is it? 

Do you think its possible to get 5% of a market if;

  1. We have a better product
  2. We have a better team
  3. We are better trained
  4. We are more motivated
  5. We work together

What makes us different?

Please click here https://designerwater.co.za/alkaline-water-benefits/

This water is a game changer. Don’t believe me, watch this video. PS. This is me interviewing Mark Wahlberg last year in Los Angeles, one of the highest grossing Hollywood actors. I think he made $67 million dollars last year.